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Key stories from this month's issue...

Regional Overview - Five Key Themes For The Americas Agribusiness - SEPT 2016

Americas July 2016 / Latin America / Industry

In this quarter's overview, we highlight that the continent's agriculture industry is facing a weaker growth outlook compared to the last five years. Lower US farm incomes will curb spending on inputs and farm technology. We highlight the key downside risks of a La Ni?a event appearing in H216 and lingering into H117 for production in the US and Brazil. In the longer term, the US agribusiness industry will face increasing consumer awareness, especially meatpackers.


Regional Overview - Six Key Themes In Asia Agribusiness - SEPT 2016

Asia July 2016 / Asia / Industry

Trade between Asia Pacific countries is likely to intensify, especially in the livestock, sugar, cocoa and dairy sectors. The outlook for agricultural production and food consumption in the Mekong River region is particularly bright. More broadly, we believe the region will continue to see increasing deficits in both feed and sugar, prompting more imports over the coming years. Palm oil companies will see a rebound in earnings, while meteorologists are looking to the potential onset of La Ni?a in Q416.


Industry Trend Analysis - Tesco Exits But Long-Term MGR Prospects Promising - SEPT 2016

Emerging Europe July 2016 / Turkey / Industry

The sale of Tesco Kipa to rival chain Migros Ticaret highlights the fiercely competitive nature of the Turkish MGR sector. While low-cost discounters dominate in terms of market share, we believe the conditions for growth remain favourable as incomes rise and formalisation continues.


Industry Trend Analysis - SSA: Growing Opportunities For Carbonated Drinks - SEPT 2016

Middle East & Africa July 2016 / Africa / Industry

SSA will attract positive investment from global soft drinks companies looking to diversify their operations from the fast maturing carbonated soft drinks industry across developed markets. We believe the growing trend of sugary drinks taxes will not impact SSA soft drinks market within the medium-term owing to the less saturated nature of the industry.


Industry Trend Analysis - Brexit Implications: Discounters Outperform In Weaker Consumer Spending Environment - SEPT 2016

Western Europe July 2016 / United Kingdom / Industry

Sterling depreciation, uncertainty over job security and falling consumer confidence will drag on spending, in particular for foreign nationals and workers in externally facing industries. Consumer staples and discounters will therefore perform better than discretionary and luxury retailers in the UK, with further negative consequences for restaurants and hospitality and Scotch whiskey.