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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Limited Food & Drink Growth Prospects From Rio Olympic Games - OCT 2016

Americas September 2016 / Brazil / Industry

The Rio Olympic Games will provide limited growth impetus for Brazil's food and drink industry on the back of tepid tourist spending growth and domestic consumer weakness. We expect tourism receipts to grow at a modest rate due to weakness in Brazil's largest tourist source market, Argentina. However, the games will bring greater dynamism in the drinks markets due to heightened health awareness, rise in outdoor activities and favourable weather.


Industry Trend Analysis - Emerging Markets To Drive Carrefour - OCT 2016

Asia September 2016 / Vietnam / Industry

As many emerging markets look to have bottomed out, retailer Carrefour is likely to benefit from a return to economic growth and consumer spending in these countries. At present, emerging markets account for around 26% of Carrefour's sales mix, and this is expected to rise as developed markets growth slows.


Industry Trend Analysis - Reasons For Optimism In Long-Term Coca-Cola Strategy - OCT 2016

Emerging Europe September 2016 / Kazakhstan / Industry

The Coca-Cola Company has posted disappointing half-year results for 2016 amid underperformance in developing markets and an ongoing slowdown in carbonated drinks sales. While the company will continue to be challenged by health-conscious trends, we believe planned transformations in the business model will lead to a more positive outlook over the long term.


Industry Trend Analysis - Neighbouring Markets To Buoy Beloxxi's Growth - OCT 2016

Middle East & Africa September 2016 / Nigeria / Industry

Beloxxi Industries Ltd will experience positive sales growth on the back of rising incomes, demand for baked goods and mass grocery retail formalisation in its West African export markets. However, demand in its domestic market, Nigeria, will remain sluggish due to a weak consumer outlook and a multi-year downtrend in spending on baked goods.


Industry Trend Analysis - Growth To Amplify With Tyrrells Acquisition - OCT 2016

Western Europe September 2016 / Russia / Industry

We highlight Amplify Brands as a potential outperformer in the US snacks markets on the back of its healthy and premium-orientated portfolio. The acquisition of UK-based crisp producer Tyrrells will boost sales in major European markets and help the company expand its products globally.