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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Strong Consumer Momentum, But Rate Rises On The Way - APR 2018

Americas April 2018 / United States / Industry

We expect 2018 to be another positive year for the US consumer, supported by a tight labour market, stronger economic growth and buoyant consumer confidence levels. However, rising inflation and interest rates, combined with only modest benefits from tax cuts, will result in steady consumption growth rather than a marked acceleration as projected for the wider economy. We forecast private consumption to rise by 2.5% in 2018, a slight moderation from the robust 2.7% recorded in 2017.


Industry Trend Analysis - Nascent Indian Beer Market Picks Up Steam - APR 2018

Asia April 2018 / India / Industry

We continue to hold a favourable outlook for the beer market in India on the back of changing cultural attitudes and a young, increasingly affluent population. Demand for premium and craft beers is rapidly emerging, further supporting our positive growth outlook. We caution however that this growth is coming from a low base, and government regulations and hike in duties remain a risk to India's developing beer market.


Industry Trend Analysis - Food & Drink: Key Themes For 2018 - MAR 2018

Emerging Europe January 2018 / Global / Industry

In 2018 consumers around the world, particularly in developed markets, are becoming more informed about the health benefits, origin and sustainability of ingredients in their food, and are exercising caution over certain food groups entirely. Other trends of note in the year ahead are vertical over horizontal M&A, the end of the craft beer boom years, the start of the Marijuana boom and the latest outlook on technology changing the face of the food and drink sector.


Company Trend Analysis - Fast-Food Giant Eyes Middle East Expansion - APR 2018

Middle East & Africa April 2018 / United Arab Emirates / Industry

We continue to see foodservice operators expand in the Middle East as economic recovery leads to a boost in consumer spending, with Wendy's the latest to expand its footprint in the UAE through franchise operator Alghanim Industries. Robust growth in restaurant and hotels spending and a large middle-income segment make GCC markets, especially favourable for foodservices, with Qatar and Saudi Arabia our top picks for the further expansion of Wendy's in the Middle East and for other restaurants and fast food companies.


Industry Trend Analysis - Political Uncertainty Dampening Spanish Consumer - APR 2018

Western Europe April 2018 / Spain / Industry

Our outlook for the Spanish consumer will follow the moderating trend of economic growth, heading lower in 2018 from a recent high in 2017. An uptick in inflation, combined with weak wage growth and still elevated unemployment will contribute to this slowdown, which will be further at risk from political risk. This is starting to show in consumer confidence and retail sales data, which headed lower during the second half of 2017.