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Key stories from this month's issue...

Regional Overview - Six Key Themes For The Americas Agribusiness - JULY 2016

Americas June 2016 / Latin America / Industry

In this quarter's overview for the Americas region, we highlight that the continent's agriculture industry is facing a weaker growth outlook. Lower crop prices, reduced government support and lower farmland values will curb farm incomes and ultimately production growth. Elsewhere, synthetic fibres will curtail cotton consumption over the next five years, which will prove negative for cotton prices, while we highlight the key risks of a La Ni?a event in late 2016.


Industry Trend Analysis - Opportunities In Premium Food Cushion Domestic Slump - JULY 2016

Asia June 2016 / Australia / Industry

A brighter consumer outlook in Australia will support South Africa-based food retailer Woolworths' decision to expand into the more developed market as it seeks to penetrate the premium food retail business. Weakening economic conditions in South Africa will leave the company's targeted consumer base more cash-strapped, which will weigh heavily on domestic sales; expanding its presence internationally should mitigate some of this impact.


Industry Trend Analysis - Food Retail To Benefit From Improving Economy - JULY 2016

Emerging Europe June 2016 / Romania / Industry

The Romanian macroeconomic environment is improving. Coupled with VAT cuts, there is room for increased spending by consumers. The food retail sector should be a particular beneficiary.


Economic Analysis - Winners, Losers And Risks From Demographic Divergence - JULY 2016

Middle East & Africa June 2016 / Global / Economy

BMI View: The 15 most populous countries in the world account for about 65% of the world's population, a majority of which reside in emerging markets. We forecast large, but diverging demographic trends among these countries over the next decade, which could have a significant impact on government fiscal accounts, urbanization rates and political risk.


Industry Trend Analysis - Health Consciousness Shaping The Beverages Industry - JULY 2016

Western Europe June 2016 / Global / Industry

Coconut water will see rapid growth throughout our forecast period as health consciousness gains momentum globally. Product development will be an important driver of growth in the segment among the different brands, facilitating mass adoption through varied product offerings and innovative packaging.