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Key stories from this month's issue...

Company Trend Analysis - Pernod Ricard Takes Three Indian Whiskies Global - MAR 2018

Americas January 2018 / India / Industry

Southeast Asia and Latin America are obvious target regions for Pernod Ricard India as it takes its Indian whisky offerings global, with both regions offering strong demand for whisky and a growing middle class that are witnessing their incomes rise and so can explore new spirit options, although they remain price-sensitive and cannot afford Irish or Scotch whiskies on a regular basis. The Middle East and Africa are already big export markets for Indian whisky.


Company Trend Analysis - Alibaba Bets On India's Online Grocery Segment - MAR 2018

Asia January 2018 / India / Industry

India's online grocery segment will see strong growth to 2021 as food and non-alcoholic drinks spending increases and consumers further embrace e-Commerce in their shopping habits. Alibaba is the latest company entering India's booming e-commerce grocery market through its investment in India's largest online grocer, Big Basket.


Industry Trend Analysis - Food & Drink: Key Themes For 2018 - MAR 2018

Emerging Europe January 2018 / Global / Industry

In 2018 consumers around the world, particularly in developed markets, are becoming more informed about the health benefits, origin and sustainability of ingredients in their food, and are exercising caution over certain food groups entirely. Other trends of note in the year ahead are vertical over horizontal M&A, the end of the craft beer boom years, the start of the Marijuana boom and the latest outlook on technology changing the face of the food and drink sector.


Company Trend Analysis - Heineken Goes Local To Target Weak Consumer - MAR 2018

Middle East & Africa January 2018 / Mozambique / Industry

Heineken is expanding its presence in the SSA region through its latest investment in building a brewery in Mozambique that will be operational in 2019. Mozambique scores poorly in our Risk/Reward Index for the potential of the beer industry, with a weak consumer profile unable to spend strongly on a per capita basis. However, its strong logistics development is attractive for Heineken as it looks to source ingredients locally to target this relatively low income consumer.


Industry Trend Analysis - Young Consumers Uncorking Low-Alcohol Wine Demand - FEB 2018

Western Europe December 2017 / United Kingdom / Industry

The growing trend of health-consciousness has led to the growth in demand for offshoot alcohol categories, like low-alcohol wine. Tesco is the latest retailer to have launched its own range of low-alcohol wine through its stores in the UK to capitalize of the growing consumer demand especially among young adults for low or no alcohol drink options.