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Latest Stories

Industry / Colombia

Jerónimo Martins, Portugal's largest retailer, has opened its first five Colombian stores in the city of Pereira. Signalling the retailer's commitment to diversification beyond maturing European markets, it aims to have approximately 40 stores under its Ara banner by the end of 2013. As the country's political risk profile continues to improve, we expect Colombia to rapidly... 2013-03-25

Industry / United Kingdom

With consumer demand for carbonated drinks declining in mature markets such as the US, Coca-Cola's launch of Fruitwater illustrates the company's pursuit of innovation in the 'healthy'... 2013-03-20

Industry / Colombia

As its political risk profile continues to improve, Colombia is rapidly evolving into one of Latin America's highest-potential consumer markets. From retail to soft drinks, foreign... 2013-03-20


Industry / India

Consumer staples giant Unilever is committing an additional US$5.4bn to India via the purchase of a further 22.5% stake in subsidiary Hindustan Unilever, taking its overall shareholding to 75%. Apart from giving Unilever greater claim to its subsidiary's earnings and therefore a larger slice of a pie that is expected to grow quite considerably over the next few years, the move will... 2013-04-30

Industry / Myanmar

A number of multinational companies are thought to be looking at Myanmar as it continues to show concrete signs of economic reform. After the country spent the best part of half a century... 2013-04-26

Industry / Netherlands

Netherlands-based Heineken, the world's third largest brewer, has reported an unexpectedly discouraging start to 2013. With sales down across its regional operations with the exception... 2013-04-25

Emerging Europe

Industry / Russia

Having assumed the mantle from X5 as Russia's leading food retailer, Magnit had a fantastic 2012 with net income nearly doubling to US$808mn, whereas X5 struggled to generate any real traction in same-store sales following a period of acquisition-led growth. Magnit featured in BMI's Macro-Industry Strategy key views table from December 14 2011 to November 14 2012 with implied gains... 2013-04-24

Industry / Turkey

On the face of it, you would not think that Turkey would be a place where food retailers would want to leave right now given its growth prospects and the uninspiring state of a lot... 2013-04-23

Industry / Belgium

The Belgium-based food retailer Delhaize has been turning the corner of late and has just reported a very well received set of numbers for the first quarter period to March 2013. Having... 2013-04-22

Middle East & Africa


Nestlé, headquartered in Vevey, Switzerland, is the world's largest food and drink company. Founded in 1866, the company operates across a broad range of product segments, from coffee and bottled water to infant formula and pet food. Operating in 86 countries, Nestlé has a strong presence in both developed and emerging markets, with unrivalled category diversity... 2013-04-24


Energy drinks have taken off in the Gulf Cooperation Council region over the past decade in particular, with Red Bull particularly dominant. The surge in sales in this dynamic sub-segment... 2013-03-19

Industry / Egypt

Turkey-based soft discount retailer BIM has been one of the outstanding success stories in European retailing over the past few years and certainly looks well positioned to continue... 2013-03-15

Western Europe

Industry / Brazil

Leading US chocolate maker The Hershey Company has reaffirmed that China will be the company's main target in its efforts to secure global growth, highlighting its aim to join an impressive emerging market growth story in the confectionery sector. Following another successful year that saw 2012 net sales increase 9.4%, increasing international focus is expected to bolster the company's... 2013-03-22

Industry / Switzerland

The Swiss premium chocolate company Lindt & Spruengli, one of the world's leading companies in its segment, has performed very well in Western Europe over the past few years... 2013-03-18


The Europe-focused Coca-Cola franchise bottler Coca-Cola Hellenic (CCH) is expected to complete the process of re-locating its headquarters from Greece to Switzerland while also listing... 2013-03-08