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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - North America E-Commerce: New Wave Of Startups The Next Stage Of Development - AUG 2016

Americas July 2016 / Mexico / Industry

The North American e-Commerce market has reached a relative point of maturity, with virtually all consumers interacting with online sales platforms. The rapid growth of start-ups is inspiring the next generation of e-Commerce companies, taking the segment beyond simply buying and selling products online to go beyond meeting basic consumer demands.


Industry Trend Analysis - Evolving Lifestyles Shift Consumption Patterns - AUG 2016

Asia July 2016 / Global / Industry

Higher purchasing power and the increased participation of women in the workforce across developed markets will drive growth for packaged foods as consumers demand more convenience and healthier products. We believe packaged foods companies will begin to diversify their product ranges to cater to the increasing numbers of health-conscious consumers throughout our forecast period to 2020.


Industry Trend Analysis - Tesco Exits But Long-Term MGR Prospects Promising - AUG 2016

Emerging Europe July 2016 / Turkey / Industry

The sale of Tesco Kipa to rival chain Migros Ticaret highlights the fiercely competitive nature of the Turkish MGR sector. While low-cost discounters dominate in terms of market share, we believe the conditions for growth remain favourable as incomes rise and formalisation continues.


Industry Trend Analysis - Southern Africa's Dynamic Beer Industry Poised For Growth - AUG 2016

Middle East & Africa July 2016 / Africa / Industry

Southern Africa holds considerable growth opportunities within the beer sector and we forecast rising per capita beer consumption and alcohol expenditure over the next five years. Given the diverse range of development across the region, we identify different opportunities at the country-level and price-point level, as the beer story is more nuanced. SABMiller is well-positioned to capture these nuances in the region due to its diverse beer portfolio and strong presence throughout Southern Africa.


Industry Trend Analysis - Amazon Prime Users Want Prime Quality, Not Private Label - AUG 2016

Western Europe July 2016 / Global / Industry

Amazon's bold move into private label foodstuffs will send shockwaves through the grocery retail industry. We are more cautious on its growth potential, however, as it will only be available for its Prime subscription users. While this approach has obvious lower delivery cost benefits, we expect slow growth as demand for low-cost private brands won't be particularly strong among higher-income Prime customers.