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Key stories from this month's issue...

Company Trend Analysis - Digital Push Number One Priority For Carrefour - JUNE 2017

Americas May 2017 / Global / Industry

Carrefour has been relatively slow to invest in online offerings but the retailer is now making a concerted effort to push into e/m-commerce across all of its markets. This renewed emphasis on digital platforms is part of the company's ongoing transition to an omnichannel model and will provide a crucial alternative growth driver over the years ahead.


Industry Trend Analysis - No Major Impact Expected From New Alcoholic Drinks Measures - JUNE 2017

Asia May 2017 / India / Industry

The decision by the Supreme Court in India to prohibit the sale of alcohol near state highways is the latest in a long line of regulatory hurdles, highlighting the substantial risks for alcoholic drinks companies conducting operations in the country. We believe that the greatest impact of the ban will be over the near-term, with no major impact on our alcohol consumption forecasts for India, as we expect affected businesses to circumvent the ban with the support from local states.


Company Trend Analysis - France Remains Key, But Carrefour Targeting Opportunities In Poland - JUNE 2017

Emerging Europe May 2017 / Europe / Industry

France remains by far Carrefour's most important market with one of the most developed mass grocery retail (MGR) sectors worldwide. Stronger growth opportunities however can be found in Central and Eastern Europe, particularly Poland, which will be a major focal point of the company's European expansion strategy over the coming years.


Industry Trend Analysis - Synthetic Meat On The Menu For Tyson Foods - JUNE 2017

Middle East & Africa May 2017 / Global / Industry

One of our megatrend predictions is beginning to play out, with meat processing companies increasingly looking at opportunities in the synthetic meat space as an alternative to low margin, labour intensive products that carry potential health risks. While we believe this will be a long-term process developing over decades, we expect to see more investment in this space as consumer taste preferences continue to shift towards high protein diets, eschewing beef for chicken and other alternatives.


Company Trend Analysis - AB InBev Annual Results Overview - JUNE 2017

Western Europe May 2017 / Global / Companies

Despite the success of finalising the SABMiller merger, AB InBev suffered a disappointing 2016 financial year (January-December), resulting in the cancelling of bonuses for its management team as it underperformed turnover and operational income expectations for the seventh straight quarter in Q416.