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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Regional Food Retailing Outperformer - NOV 2015

Americas October 2015 / Colombia / Industry

Colombia will be the most attractive retail market in Latin America for foreign investors over the five-year forecast period to 2019, as the sector continues to formalise and private consumption remains a major growth driver for the economy.


Industry Trend Analysis - Bright Export Outlook For Australia But Growing Challenges - DEC 2015

Asia October 2015 / Australia / Industry

Australia's agribusiness sector has bright days ahead, amidst positive outlook for production and strong external demand. However, export growth will be undermined by rising competition coming from lower-cost producers to supply attractive markets in Asia and the Middle East. Australia will need to step up investment in its supply chain in order to improve its competitiveness and reach a new level of innovation, efficiencies and exports.


Company News Alert - AB InBev SABMiller: Key Markets Outlook - DEC 2015

Emerging Europe October 2015 / Global / Industry

Africa and Latin America are the two regions of most interest to AB InBev from the SABMiller stable. Operating margins are high, with a number of monopolies present, and the outlook for long-term growth remains strong despite near term weakness in a number of emerging economies.


Industry Trend Analysis - The African Consumer: Beer Still As Frothy As Ever - DEC 2015

Middle East & Africa October 2015 / Africa / Industry

The African beer industry keeps its place on the 'main table' of winning consumer narratives. Excellent profit margins driven by industry structure dynamics that firmly work in favour of the manufacturers will particularly drive opportunities across a two-tier strategy focused on 1) premiumisation and 2) low-cost offerings across the EAC region, Cote d'Ivoire and Nigeria.


Global Industry Overview - Food & Drink Global Industry Overview - Q315 - DEC 2015

Western Europe October 2015 / Global / Industry

The consolidation theme remained firmly intact over the July-September period as AB InBev declared its intention to buy SABMiller - if it closes over the comings weeks and months the acquisition cost will likely exceed USD100bn, which would probably make it the biggest deal anywhere globally in 2015.