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Key stories from this month's issue...

Company Trend Analysis - Constellations Brands Push Premium Corona - DEC 2017

Americas October 2017 / United States / Industry

Reflective of consumer's growing sophistication in taste, beer companies continue to invest and expand their portfolio as premium beer outperforms mass-market offerings. On the back of growing demand for premium beer, and in an effort to build on its success with Corona, Constellation Brands is launching Corona Premier in the US in 2018.


Company Trend Analysis - Sushi Chain Merger To Propel Overseas Expansion - DEC 2017

Asia October 2017 / Japan / Industry

Expansion opportunities overseas and growing consumer preference for authentic and unique food choices globally, has led to conveyor-belt sushi chains, Genki Sushi and Akindo Sushiro, merging as they plan to go global. Slow projected spending on restaurants and foodservices and low wage growth in Japan has further prompted the sushi chains to look beyond the domestic market for growth.


Industry Trend Analysis - Mondel?z M&A Cooled But Still Possible - DEC 2017

Emerging Europe October 2017 / Global / Industry

Mondel?z's company history, including a bid for Hershey and through its previous association with Kraft, suggests that it may be interested in acquiring another confectionary business. This would be done to boost its North American revenues in our view, and we highlight Nestle's unit as potentially attractive. We don't believe it will be brought back into Kraft Heinz however, as a merger wouldn't benefit either company.


Industry Risk/Reward Index - MENA Food & Non-Alcoholic Drinks: Sin Tax Won't Impede Top Ranked UAE - DEC 2017

Middle East & Africa October 2017 / Middle East / Industry

MENA ranks fourth out of six regions globally in our Food and Non-Alcoholic Drinks Risk/Reward Index. The Middle Eastern sub-region remains the outperformer, occupying the top five MENA spots. We highlight Morocco as a North Africa bright spot, coming in in sixth place in the region and first in North Africa, outperforming two of the GCC markets.


Industry Trend Analysis - Consolidation In Food Delivery: Just Eat Acquires Hungry House - DEC 2017

Western Europe October 2017 / United Kingdom / Industry

Further evidence of consolidation in the food delivery sector with Just Eat's GBP200mn deal to acquire Hungryhouse approved by the UK Competition and Market Authority. The deal falls in line with our view of consolidation continuing in the food delivery industry (see 'Five Key Food Services Trends', May 30 2016), with greater competition emerging in this market and players having to meet consumers demand for convenience and so are focusing their offerings on efficiency and streamlining services.