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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Venezuelan Consumer To Remain In The Doldrums - FEB 2017

Americas January 2017 / Venezuela / Industry

Venezuelan consumers will remain under severe pressure on the back of elevated inflation and unemployment levels in 2017. Consumption growth will remain negative over 2017. as rapid price growth will severely diminish real purchasing power and weakness in the labour market will continue to depress total household spending throughout our forecast period.


Industry Trend Analysis - Muted Outlook For New Zealand Consumer - FEB 2017

Asia January 2017 / New Zealand / Industry

The outlook for consumer spending over the next year is relatively muted, as a result of deleveraging and slowing wage growth. Consumers will need to switch expenditure towards paying down debt and savings, as debt levels have reached all-time highs. This is particularly unfortunate for big-ticket items which will suffer from deleveraging and low inflation expectations.


Industry Trend Analysis - Weak Prospects For Turkish Consumer In 2017 - FEB 2017

Emerging Europe January 2017 / Turkey / Industry

We hold a fairly muted outlook for the Turkish consumer in 2017 as the economy continues to post unimpressive growth. This will see inflation heading higher, a loose labour market from high unemployment and low consumer confidence leading to low consumption growth. With political, economic and external risks weighted to the downside this could result in lower spending than anticipated in the coming year.


Industry Trend Analysis - Strong 2017 For Kenyan Consumer, But Better To Come - FEB 2017

Middle East & Africa January 2017 / Kenya / Industry

Kenya has been one of our outperforming consumer markets over 2015 and 2016 and is set to accelerate further in 2017. That being said, we note that our forecast is tempered by rising oil prices, a slowing economy and the risk for uncertainty with the August 2017 election. We believe that spending is not hitting its high potential, with risks pointed to the downside over the coming year.


Industry Trend Analysis - Headwinds Rising For Spanish Consumer - FEB 2017

Western Europe January 2017 / Spain / Industry

The outlook for the Spanish consumer will start to deteriorate in Q1 2017, as a number of tailwinds that have supported economic growth since 2015 fade out. Factors that will weigh on consumers include rising inflation and a weaker eurozone recovery. Tourist spending will be one noticeable exception, and provides a bright spot for the consumer sector.