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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Coca-Cola Adapting To Health Conscious Consumers - APR 2017

Americas March 2017 / Brazil / Industry

One of our key themes for the year is playing out in Brazil as Coca-Cola launches several products with low or no sugar as well as smaller can sizes as governments and consumers become more concerned with the drawbacks of high soft drink consumption. Further, the company is lining up significant investments for the coming year, which is consistent with our view that the Brazilian economy has bottomed out and is due for a rebound over the next five years.


Industry Trend Analysis - Alpha Making Waves In Developing MGR Sector - APR 2017

Asia March 2017 / Pakistan / Industry

The wholesale partnership between Alpha and Tesco is a win-win for both companies, as they seek to capitalise on Pakistan's grocery retail market, which is still in its early stages of development. We forecast strong growth in household income and spending over the next five years and believe that these retailers are therefore well-placed to benefit. Alpha's modern stores, 'one stop' shopping experience and impressive expansion strategy will allow it to capture a first-mover advantage in this undeveloped market.


Industry Trend Analysis - Zabka To Capture Growth From Shift To Convenience Stores - APR 2017

Emerging Europe March 2017 / Poland / Industry

The sale of Zabka to CVC comes at a crossroads in the Polish mass grocery retail market. On the one hand, the government has passed, or is contemplating a number of policies that would make the operating environment more difficult for retailers, including taxes and minimum wage increases. However, we believe this will be more than offset by the increasingly wealthy Polish consumer, as rising disposable incomes will favour convenience stores like Zabka.


Industry Trend Analysis - Historical Political Woes Drag On Growth Outlook - APR 2017

Middle East & Africa March 2017 / Lebanon / Industry

The Lebanese consumer outlook continues to be buffeted by political risk and only modest economic growth. The country's consumer will continue to have a strong reliance on remittances to drive any household spending growth.


Industry Trend Analysis - Tesco-Booker Deal: Moving In To Wholesale Is A Smart Move - APR 2017

Western Europe March 2017 / United Kingdom / Industry

Tesco's planned purchase of wholesaler Booker will open up opportunities in the fast-growing convenience and food services markets, while also boosting negotiating power with suppliers. We believe the deal will encourage further tie-ups and diversification attempts by UK grocery retailers in response to mounting cost and competition pressures.