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Key stories from this month's issue...

Company Trend Analysis - Walmart's E-Commerce Investments Showing Early Returns - AUG 2017

Americas June 2017 / United States / Industry

Walmart is investing heavily in its e-commerce services, in order to keep pace with competitors (both pure online players and traditional retailers), particularly after Amazon and Target introduced same-day grocery delivery services, encroaching into Walmart's operational space.


Industry Trend Analysis - Amazon To Tap India's Huge Potential For Online Groceries - AUG 2017

Asia June 2017 / India / Industry

We see excellent opportunities for growth in India's online grocery market, driven by strong consumer spending fundamentals and rapid developments in the country's e-commerce sector. Amazon will benefit from early-mover advantage in the online grocery space, while the retailer's planned investments will encourage existing players to improve their offerings and logistical capabilities in order to stay competitive. Given that India's online grocery market is still nascent, we stress that this is very much a long-term growth story.


Company Trend Analysis - Mexico Bottled Water Demand To Aid Danone - AUG 2017

Emerging Europe June 2017 / Global / Industry

We hold an optimistic outlook for Danone's Waters division, aided by consumers switching to healthier hydration options, investment in brand innovation and strong positioning in emerging markets such as Mexico, where we see ample opportunities for growth.


Industry Trend Analysis - Assessing Our Africa Consumer View - AUG 2017

Middle East & Africa June 2017 / Africa / Industry

Our expectations for slow growth in consumer spending over the coming decade in Africa (2015-2025), is playing out, in contrast to the consensus 'Africa consumer boom' narrative. We have previously highlighted the need to target lower income brackets with high volume, low margin goods rather than an 'emerging middle class', which is much smaller. FMCG companies appear to be moving their strategy more in this direction. We continue to hold the view that the slow formalisation process will weigh on the idea of an 'African consumer boom' and that consumer facing companies must adapt their strategies more toward high volumes, low margins, localisation and embracing the informal retail sector.


Company Trend Analysis - Challenges Persist In Walmart's International Operations - AUG 2017

Western Europe June 2017 / Global / Industry

Walmart faces ongoing challenges in its international operations. We review the company's shifting strategy in China, the ongoing risks in Latin America and the potential for Walmart to expand in sub-Saharan Africa.