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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Dominican Republic Leading The Way In The Caribbean Wine Market - MAR 2017

Americas February 2017 / Dominican Republic / Industry

Strong economic growth, youthful demographics and a thriving tourism sector will support strong growth in the Dominican Republic's food and drink market over the coming years. In the alcoholic drinks sector, we highlight growing interest in wine which is opening up expansion opportunities beyond the traditional focus on beer and spirits.


Industry Trend Analysis - Asia Pacific MGR Outlook: Retailers To Target Developing Asia - MAR 2017

Asia February 2017 / China / Industry

Developed Asia's mass grocery retail sector will present limited organic growth opportunities as these markets are near saturation. Highly urbanised lifestyles and consumer affluence will drive the demand for convenience, benefitting small format stores and online food retailing. In contrast, developing Asia holds tremendous organic growth opportunities on the back of low mass grocery retail penetration, rising incomes and improving economic openness. However, we do note, growth opportunities in these markets will yield dividends over the medium-to-long term.


Industry Trend Analysis - Heineken Entering High-Growth Markets To Compete With AB InBev - MAR 2017

Emerging Europe February 2017 / Global / Industry

Reports that Heineken is tabling a bid for Brasil Kirin fits with its recent acquisition strategy across emerging markets. With many such as Brazil poised for a rebound, Heineken hopes to tap into these high growth areas of the world in Americas, Asia and Africa to keep up with the newly enlarged AB InBev. Profitability is still one of our main concerns for Heineken, as AB InBev's superior margins ensure it will remain in a dominant position even with an increased Heineken presence.


Industry Trend Analysis - Strong Spirits Outlook In Nigeria - MAR 2017

Middle East & Africa February 2017 / Nigeria / Industry

Spirits will enjoy strong growth in Nigeria's alcoholic drinks market over our five year forecast period, outperforming other alcoholic beverage categories. Rising incomes and favourable demographics will help drive this trend, as well as a crackdown on premium alternatives such as champagne. Companies such as Guinness Nigeria stand to benefit.


Industry Trend Analysis - Bleaker Outlook As Inflation Gathers Pace - MAR 2017

Western Europe February 2017 / United Kingdom / Industry

The threat of price increases in 2017 has been registered by the UK consumer and spending habits are starting to shift. Robust retail sales at the end of 2016 highlight a focus on spending on non-essentials, with consumers bringing forward the purchase of big ticket items now, in preparation for inflation ticking up this year. Consumer confidence, after its initial recovery following the Brexit vote, is now decreasing once more.