Economic Analysis - Research Highlights: Emerging Market Hot Spots And Commodities Of The Future - DEC 2017

In September, we ranked the most attractive emerging market investment opportunities utilising two of BMI's strengths: emerging market expertise and industry analysis ( see below). More generally, last month's research highlights included analysis on the annual BRICS summit, China's 19th Party Congress and the North Korea crisis.

On the industry side, one of the most prevalent themes explored by our analysts over September was how supply and demand for commodities will shift in the coming years, with significant impacts for the resource extraction, power, infrastructure, autos and shipping industries. The two key drivers of change will be more stringent environmental regulations, including emissions standards, and technological advances in building materials. This theme generated multiple special reports and webinars, some of which are listed below across three separate themes: ' The Global Energy Market In Flux', ' Commodities Of The Future' and ' Low Carbon Economy: Implications For Heavy Industry'.

The Global Energy Market In Flux

Renewables To See Biggest Capacity Growth, Coal Generation Still Dominant
Global - Power Capacity (GW) By Technology In 2017f-2026f And Net Change, % (LHS); Share Of Power Generation Mix In 2026f (RHS)
f = BMI forecast. Source: EIA, National Sources, BMI

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