Industry Trend Analysis - Russian Dietary Shift: Becoming More Health-Focused - FEB 2018

BMI View: Russian consumers' dietary shift indicates a healthification trend emerging, as fresh fruits and vegetables sales as a percent of total food sales rises. The demand for produce associated with a healthy diet will be facilitated by the rapid expansion of mass grocery retail in Russia, offering consumers much more variety.

Consumer spending in Russia remains dominated by essential spending, accounting for 68% of the total . Within the essentials category, food and non-alcoholic drinks accounts for the majority of the essential spending, at 30.8% in 2017, and is expected to maintain its top position into 2021, accounting for 30% of spending by 2021.

Analysis of our food and non-alcoholic drinks data for the Russian consumer's dietary preference indicates a shift in spending focus. The meat and poultry segment sales are forecast to maintain their position as the top segment, accounting for the highest portion of consumer spending on food, making up a projected 35% of the total in 2021. Although this is a decrease from the 40% recorded in 2009, it still dominates the mix.

Demand For Healthier Food Groups Rising
Food Segment Sales, % of total
f= BMI forecast. Source: BMI/National Statistics

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