Industry Trend Analysis - Sugar Taxes In The Americas: Brazil And Canada Most Likely To Follow Mexico's Lead - MAR 2018

BMI View: We are seeing growing momentum for sugar taxes in the Americas, with a number of countries considering follow ing Mexico ' s lead which introduced a tax on sugary drinks in 2014. We profile the impact of M exico's sugar tax in the years since , and assess the latest policy developments and overall likelihood of a sugar tax in other major markets in the region. We highlight Brazil and Canada as the most likely to announce a sugar tax in 2018 and beyond , while Chile is another market to watch, as the country explores the possibility of taxing confectionery and other foods with high-sugar content .

The table above summarises existing sugar tax initiatives in the Americas and our outlook for regulation from 2018 onwards. Based on this, the selected countries were grouped into three colour-coded categories:

  • Green - Sugar tax proposals rejected/yet to emerge and therefore unlikely to be implemented over coming years.

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