Industry Trend Analysis - Urbanising Population Clouded By Ageing Consumer Base - DEC 2017

BMI View: Over our forecast period to 2050, Australia remains a fairly attractive market demographically owing to its growing population, along with high urbanisation rates and high female labour participation. However, in contrast to its regional peers, Australia faces a smaller and aging consumer base, where the younger population as a percentage of the total population shrinks. Retailers who will benefit most from Australia's ageing population are those associated with the sale and manufacture of health and convenience products.

Demographic Trends

Looking at the demographic trends taking place within a market gives an insight into where future opportunities will emerge for consumer facing industries. These are generally longer term trends, taking place over multiple decades rather than our typical five-year forecast period. This section therefore provides analysis, charts and data out to 2050, to analyse the demographic trajectories of Australia to better understand the long term population shifts and their impact from a consumer perspective.

Population Vs. Developed Markets
Total Population,mn

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