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Industry Risk/Reward Index - MENA Food & Non-Alcoholic Drinks: Sin Tax Won't Impede Top Ranked UAE - DEC 2017

MENA ranks fourth out of six regions globally in our Food and Non-Alcoholic Drinks Risk/Reward Index. The Middle Eastern sub-region remains the outperformer, occupying the top five MENA spots. We highlight Morocco as a North Africa bright spot, coming in in sixth place in the region and first in North Africa, outperforming two of the GCC markets.


Industry Trend Analysis - Consumer Outlook Not Deterred By Nakumatt's Woes - NOV 2017

Despite the financial difficulties faced by the East African region's largest grocery retailer Nakumatt, this does not dampen our view on the region's consumer spending potential. Kenya, in particular, remains our top consumer market in East Africa, supported by rising consumer spending growth and growing investment from international retailers.